Jacob Bellotti: “I was an accident”

Jacob Bellotti: “I was an accident”

 Jacob Bellotti

is an up-and-coming comedy writer who recently graduated from Syracuse University. He grew up where everything happens: the great state of New Jersey. Throughout his childhood, he loved television, film, and comedy more than anything else. He decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, which started at the Newhouse School of Public Communications in 2016.

During his time at Syracuse, Jacob participated in many aspects of entertainment. Starting his first semester, he joined the radio station WJPZ fm, which would become a major part of his life. There he learned how to perform improvisational skits, write comedic sketches, and create consistent entertainment. Jacob would go on to become the Vice President of the station, and host the highest-rated show produced: “The Jacob Bellotti and Monkey Man Show,” a drive-time entertainment show focusing on the problems in his life, pop culture, and comedic situations. Jacob loved hosting this show for the better part of 3 years, and values the time he got to spend doing it.

Jacob took as many courses as possible to further his interest in creating entertainment, including “The Art of the Voiceover,” which got him started as a voiceover artist. Jacob has voiced many Syracuse University productions, and hopes to continue working in the future. He took “Comedy Writing,” where he learned different formats of creating comedy that culminated in writing an original sit-com pilot; his pilot focused on an admissions staff taking bribes from the rich and famous to let their children into the school (a little on the nose, maybe). He also enjoyed “Script Development” and “Television History,” where he learned the ins-and-outs of script writing and a comprehensive history of influential television from 1949-2016, respectively. Yes, Jacob does love Lucy the most!

In his free time, Jacob enjoys singing in his Jewish a cappella group, Oy Cappella, for which he has been the music director for 2 years. He grew up inspired by Conan O’Brien and Larry David, and still follows all of their work today. Jacob’s dream is to become a late-night comedy writer, and he wants to take advantage of every opportunity to make it in the business. He describes himself as “that blond gay Jew,” which seems a bit topical considering his heroes.

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